Viscous Pumps :

The Chemical Industry :
Sewage, acids, alkalis, dispersions, pastes, resins, bonding agents, suspensions, essences, aromatic compounds, gelatine, liquid gum, and buna N
The Pharmaceutical industry:
Dispersions, suspensions, emulsions, pastes, creams, fangos, enzymes, blood, and Lecithin.
The Cosmetic Industry :
Skin creams, cocentrates, hair shampoos, essence, soaps, hand washing pastes, bathing additional agents, lotions, gelatines and oils.
The Varnish and Paint Industry :
Dispersion colours, dispersion paints, varnish bonds, pastes, rough plaster paint, water soluble varnishes, acrylic paints, resins, plasters, colour pastes, bonding agents, tile bonding agents, knifing filler, and glazier's putty.
Sewage Technology:
Fresh sludge, digesting sludge, activates sludge, dehydrated sludge, milk of lime, sewage including solid particles, oil sludge, cooling tower sludge, and coal sludge.
The building Industry :
Mortar, bitumen, tar, cement sludge, plaster mortar, building excavation water.
The foodstuffs industry :
Apple puree, ice-cream, sausage mixture, honey, mustard, tomato pulp, mayonnaise, cheese, jams, concentrates, essences, curds, fats, oils, jellies, chocolate mass, sugar solutions, molasses, milk of lime, meat extracts, rubbish, sewage, glue, broths, fish oil , fish liver, vegetables and potato fodder!
The Beverage industry :
Wines, beers, spirits, liquers, yeast, syrup, herbs, stone fruit mash, thick juice, draft milk, whey, cream, yoghurt, cheese, desserts, and curds.

Metering Pumps :

The Beverage Industry:

The Chemical Industry :

The chocolate Industry :

The Detergents & Cosmetic Industry :

The Film & Photo Industry :

The Milk & Diary Products :

Nuclear Plants :

Man made Fibers :

Petroleum & Natural Gas :

The plastic Industry :

The pharmaceutical Industry :

The Textile Industry :

Centrifugal Pumps :

These particular Pumps are used for the following  :

Ultra Pure Chemicals, Corrosive Acids, Alkalis, Hydrocarbons, Effluents.

It also finds considerable usage in the the following Industries :

The Chemical Industry :

The Petrochemical Industry :

The Fertilizer Industry :

The Pharmaceutical Industry :

The Paper Industry :

The Sugar Industry :

The Effluent & Treatment Plant :

The Electroplating Industry :