Nonmetallic Centrifugal Pumps


Constructional Features
These pumps are basically single stage pumps with involute , self venting type casing , dynamically and hydraulically balanced impeller with aerodynamic profile vanes. To give the stability of construction , the plastic pump casing is provided with external metal armoring.

Shaft :
For all pumps , shafts are made of rolled quality alloy steel for transmission of heavy torques.


Shaft Sleeve :
Alloy steel shafts are protected from corrosion by shaft sleeves made out of different materials ( FRP Hastelloy , Stainlees Steel , Monel , Plastic of suitable grade ) considering the compatibility with the liquid to be pumped .

Stuffing Box Housing :
Designed to accommodate single / double mechanical seat , gland packing and provided with a throat bush to minimize pressure on gland/seal.

Flanges :
These standards are available on request.

Standardization :
The entire range is standardized and accommodated in 5 bearing to minimize  the inventory of parts i.e. shaft, sleeve, bearing and other maintenance spare parts

Discharge Size    20 to 80 mm.

Capacity(Q)        up to  220m3/hr

Head(H)             up to 60m

Temp                 up to  90 o C

Material of construction:
Ultra High Molecular Weight ,High Density Polyethylene (UHMW-HDPE),FRP,Nylon,Glassified Polypropylene,Teflon: to suit liquid to be pumped.

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