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PUMPAID Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps have a high discharge accuracy ( within + 2 % ) and employ a diaphragm which can withstand continuous operation for more than a year, under ideal condition. Discharge capacity adjustment is the same as that for standard PUMPAID Metering pumps.
Prevention of stuffing box leakage in packed plunger type pumps is theoretically difficult and troublesome gland packing maintenance becomes a problem when handling slurry or liquids which are highly corrosive , or toxic.


However, the PUMPAID  Diaphragm Metering Pump completely solves this problem, with a diaphragm made of PTFE.

Applicable temperature range is -50 0C - +150 0C for the Low Pressure Type  and -50 0C - +100 0C for the High Pressure Type

However, when the liquid end is made of cast iron, the temperature range is limited to upto 2000 C. For polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene it is limited to 0 - 500 C.
The proper Diaphragm pump for the particular application can be selected by using the pump selection table. However special care must be taken in selection since the  discharge volume in respect to volumetric efficiency will be slightly low.




  1. Pump Heads :
    Diaphragm Pump Heads with various material of construction depending upon liquid properties.
  2. Drive : 
    Constant speed Electric Motors are generally used ,however variable speed drive can also be supplied
  3. Accessories :
    Relief valves ,filter ,check valves ,pulsation dampeners etc ,can  be supplied on request

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