Metering Pumps

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What Metering pump is..............

* Pumpaid Metering pumps are high precision reciprocating plunger type or Diaphragm type pumps with stroke adjustment mechanism to vary the flow rate from 0 to 100 % while the pump is running or at rest. Check valves at liquid end are generally equipped with balls at both the inlet and outlet to maintain discharge accuracy. These functions make PUMPAID Metering pumps an ideal flow control equipment in chemical process. These pumps can meter and feed minute amount of chemicals with high degree of accuracy under discharge pressure variation.

* PUMPAID Metering pumps are " fine control elements " which can be electrically controlled by remote or automatic process control instruments and have wider range , higher linearity and higher control accuracy than conventional control valves.

* PUMPAID Metering pumps are designed for pumping various types of chemicals . Materials to suit various types of corrosive fluids are available . They can be used for severe chemical process such as pumping slurries , high viscosity fluids and high temperature liquids ( upto 300 oC ) , liquids with high melting points etc.


Special Features .............

Stroke length mechanism :
Specially designed crank stroke length adjustment mechanism can withstand great piston forces.

Totally enclosed waterproof & dustproof housing :
Crank case & stroke length adjustment mechanism are housed in a totally enclosed case with oil seals at each stuffing point , enabling installation of Pump anywhere.

Lubrication :
The crank case is immersed in an oil bath. Mechanisms above the oil level are lubricated by splash. No daily maintenance is required. Manpower requirement for maintenance is greatly reduced.

Compact & Light weight :
Specially designed crank has made it possible to combine the reduction gears & stroke length mechanism into a single, compact unit. This not only reduces installation space to the minimum but also reduces installation cost.

Bearings :
Use of taper roller bearings at worm shaft ends & ball bearings at bottom increases operational life & reduces the operation cost. 

Multiheads :
Multihead pumps with common drive for pumping more than one liquid at a time.

Drive Motor :
Horizontal as well as vertical motor can be offered.

Interchangeability, Standard Design :
Pumps frames are standardized into 5 types and designed to have maximum interchangeability . Spare parts inventory for maintenance is nominal & change in specifications can be easily  made to suit process changes.

Auto Stroke Controller :
If required , manual stroke adjustment can be modified to auto stroke controller with remote operation.

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