Metering Plunger Pumps

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The most important part of any metering pump is the liquid end . Various types of liquid         ends are available to suit the nature of the liquid & process conditions . Selection of the        liquid   end best suited to various process conditions including pressure , viscosity ,  temperature , size and nature of  solid particle in slurry and other factors , is extremely        important.


PUMPAID Metering Pumps are equipped with self-cleaning . non-clogging single / double ball check valves. A particle lodged under one of the ball checks has no effect on the other.       These double ball checks are particularly effective in assuring perfect checking of low viscosity , high pressure liquids. The spinning action of the ball clears any particles lodged in the ball seat and insures that the ball never seats in the same position , thus reducing seat scoring. The tolerance of roundness precision of the ball check is of the order of  1.0 micron.

Depending upon the application , a single ball check valve or a cone  valve may be used.A heating or cooling jacket constructed of material other than cast iron may be employed.     Radiation fins are installed at the connecting part of the liquid end and pump frame ( liquid end adapter ) , in cases where the liquid temperature exceeds 200 oC



  1. Capacity : up to 10,000 Lt HR  
    Discharge pressure up to 200 Bar 
    Temp  40 oC to 300 o
    Stroke Length Adjustment 0 to 100% 
    Metering Accuracy +2%
  2. Drive : 
    Constant speed Electric Motors are generally used ,however variable speed drive can also be supplied
  3. Accessories : 
    Relief valves ,filter ,check valves ,pulsation dampeners etc ,can  be supplied on request 

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