Gear Pumps for Viscous Liquids


* Specially designed compact sized gears for low    noise & less vibrations.
* Built-in relief valve for in-built protection.

* Steam jacketed pumps for highly Viscous liquids  or for liquids which   solidify at normal temperature.
* External bearing design for poor/non-lubricant liquids

* Drive direct or through reduction gear box or through pulleys.
* Hardened and ground rotors for High pressure application.

* C.S , S.S or G.M. construction for special applications.


* Casing & Covers : Pressure tested graded cast iron.

* Gears & Shafts : Carbon steel-spur or Double helical gears

* Bearings : Antifriction or Bush Bearings.

* Sealing : Lip type or Mechanical seal. Gland packing for Abrasive or highly   viscous liquids.

* Testing : Each pump tested for its performance.

   Tests can be offered to any inspection authority.

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